PFL Midweek Preview: October 18

As what we have been accustomed to this season, the PFL are offering Wednesday matches for the fans. As we edge ever closer to the PFL Playoffs, let us take a look at what to expect from the four teams in action.


-Davao aims for a double

Words that were never said for the longest time were heard last Sunday.

Davao Aguilas won a game.

Harry Sawyer and James Younghusband led the charge for Davao, giving them their first win against Ilocos United. Lady luck is with their side, as they again face the Northerners in Vigan. Continue the newfound winning ways, and Davao can salvage their season.

-Ilocos rallies against a double

Ilocos, on the other hand, has had poor luck this season. The only thing they need to do right is to try to finish the season with double digit points. The seven other PFL teams have beaten them this season, and Davao maybe their last chance to have a positive record against one of them. A worthwhile quest to take to try and finish the season on a high.


-The Bus Blitzkrieg’s Stalingrad moment?

Just as the original WW2 blitzkrieg, Ceres was bogged down by mud and a war of attrition against Kaya Makati in Panaad. They survived by winning a nail biting 3-2, but you have to wonder that physicality may be the most effective weapon against the Busmen. They were rattled by Kaya, Jeff Christiaens was sentoff, and coach Risto Vidakovic was sent to the stands. JPV will not be the same physical side, but the game will prove if the battle scars last weekend has toughened Ceres.

-Voltes’ last stand?

JPV Marikina’s defeat in Cebu against Global has immensely dented their playoff hopes. Camelo Tacusalme’s absence has softened their defence, and the goals from Takashi Odawara and Takumi Uesato have dried up, leaving them stranded in 6th place. As a long shot, they need to beat the mighty Ceres, and aim to collect as much points as they can. They need a morale boost before their potential move home by the weekend.


PFL Wednesday

Ilocos United – Davao Aguilas
Quirino Stadium, Vigan

Ceres Negros – JPV Marikina
Panaad Stadium, Bacolod

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