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Martin Steuble barked at the wrong tree.

Ceres Captain Martin Steuble released some pretty scathing remarks towards the league during their last match against Yangon United. Claiming the League and the Federation does not support their continental endeavors. I have been a long time critic of the league and the federation but this time, for all the times they dropped the ball, they are not in the wrong (gasp).

Ceres had a match last May 9 and where supposed to play Kaya in IloIlo last May 12. Word around the street is that Ceres Management asked the league to reschedule that match, but what happened instead was a change in venue with Kaya playing Ceres in Bacolod instead. This was still in favor for Ceres at it minimized their travel logistics.

The league did not want to reschedule the match because it is unfavorable to kaya to deprive them of their match because global already asked to postpone their previous match. And that rescheduling the match would mean Ceres will later on play a tiring 9 consecutive back to back matches and Kaya will also be affected by playing 6 back to back matches. This is unfavorable to both Kaya and the rest of the league.

Now Ceres played Yangon United May 16, so after their May 12 game, they traveled to Yangon on the 13th and had the 14th and 15th as Rest days. This is more than the minimum time of rest of 48 hours.

So why did Martin Steuble Vent out like that when the league followed proper protocol? It’s for him to know and for us to find out.

I just think it’s unfair to single out the league on this instance as they have been nothing but accommodating towards Ceres.

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