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Global FC moving forward with some major changes

Despite facing a major controversy when it comes to unpaid salaries of their players and staff, Global FC decided to make a major step forward and are now headed to a move to a new home. 

As confirmed through their social networking accounts, Global FC will now be moving to Kaya FC’s former home, Makati City. The club has made it clear that they are now on the move to the business capital of the Philippines after a change in the logo of their club.

The club also made a statement in the comment section of their page saying “We need to give the new owners a chance to get rid of the heritage and old issues. 2019 is a new season and they will look after the players and the Club and bring it back where it was a few years ago. Everyone needs to pull together and support.”

It was then followed by another statement saying “All teams are moving to Manila to keep expenses low until the league and the clubs generate sustainable income.”

Though they’re moving forward with the recent changes, they still can’t hide the fact that the fans and the players still demand unpaid dues to be settled. Shortly after the change in the club’s social media account’s profile picture, fans started commenting about their responsibilities.

As of posting, we have yet to hear from Mark Jarvis, Global FC’s current owner, regarding the situation and what resolutions they’ve come up with to bring the club back on track.

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