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Why does Nonong deserve another term?

After a long and dirty road heading into the PFF Annual Congress, he kept his head down, continued to work and made sure that football is bigger than anyone.

He’s received a lot of criticisms, he endured all the bad stuff thrown at him and now he stands atop of the football administration pinnacle here in the country.

President Mariano “Nonong” Araneta retains his position after a 25-12 win over Ricky Yanson in the Annual PFF Congress held at the Century Park Hotel. What most people didn’t know or probably ignored was how dirty the road towards the election was.

There were a lot of bad things thrown towards the path of Araneta where, on one point, people said that the PFF did not focus on the grassroots development over the last eight years that Nonong was at the helm.

There were also allegations made that the PFF used it’s budget to bring several Mindanao FA leaders to Manila and enjoy the luxury of staying at the Manila Hotel just to get their votes.

Another thing was that the inclusion of the three-time Philippines Football League champions Ceres-Negros FC, Kaya FC-Iloilo and Stallion Laguna FC to the Board of Governors (BOG) as part of “Nonong’s masterplan” to win this election.

But all of those allegations were not entertained by the regional FAs and it goes to show that track record really matters if you want to become the next PFF president as the future of the sport is in your hands.

He deserves to win because, despite all these allegations, he never said anything and just let his track record do the work. He laid out facts and that’s what matters the most.

He allowed the people to say whatever they want to say against him. He welcomed the people who want to talk to him regardless of his busy schedule.

Now that the election is done and dusted, it’s time to work hard more than ever for Mr. Araneta and his team for the next for years to deliver their promises during the campaign period.

I’ve backed him up because I know he has a lot to offer for Philippine Football and with the projects that he laid out for the future, we should be in for a treat.

Again, congratulations Mr. President for four more years of excellence. Let’s work together to bring football closer to the masses and to improve the landscape of football!!!

DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions of this writer do not reflect the views and opinions of his colleague as well as this publication. Furthermore, research has been done and this writer consulted his reliable sources regarding some allegations/statements in this article.

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