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How do football players stay fit amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic?

We were excited, we waited but because of the COVID-19 outbreak, we are still waiting for the 2020 Philippines Football League to start and it really pains us a lot.

The league was originally scheduled to kick off on the 21st of March but when the country’s Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) raised the alert level that placed the entire National Capital Region under community quarantine for a month, the league and the Philippine Football Federation decided to postpone the tournament at a later date.

With this, clubs who are raring to go for another intense season of club football were forced to take a break and are waiting, just like us, for the start of the new season.

A lot of people have been affected by the outbreak but there are still some who exerts the effort of keeping their bodies in shape. We got to talk to a couple of players from several clubs through their social media accounts to see how they’re currently doing.

1) How are you keeping yourself active/fit despite the current situation?

Stephan Schröck (Ceres-Negros FC)

Photo by: Stephan Schröck

“At the moment I do keep myself fit at the parking lot or the stairs. I live on the 53rd floor so it’s a long run. The most important at these times is the safety and the health of all people.”

Hamed Hajimehdi (Mendiola FC 1991)

“I run 6 kilometres along the street every morning with a mask, of course, and do frequent walking within my home premise. I do my daily routine like push-ups, sit-ups and other daily exercises at home instead of going to the gym. I drink a lot of water as well.”

Gilmar Fernandez (Global FC)

“We’ve been given a home programme by the club and advised to do as much as we can but it’s very difficult with the current situation.”

2) What do you think is the impact of this enhanced community quarantine to PFL teams ahead of the season opener?


“It will have an immense impact, in a good and probably in a bad way too. Once the lockdown is done, everybody will be so grateful to get back to the pitch and play and run after the ball. The downside, maybe, the fitness and the sharpness will be not as it should be for the first couple of games. But nevertheless, we will be all so thankful to get back to a normal healthy life and daily routine again.”


Photo by: Hamed Hajimehdi

“During this time while we commit ourselves to be safe all the time, this lose the opportunity for our team to train together, get along with each to know more about each other.”

“It will be better for all the teams to be given a chance to train as a team for at least 3 weeks after the quarantine period and prior to the PFL opening.”


“It’s a big impact as this could affect every team’s level especially being the beginning of the season, every team’s level won’t be 100%, I just hope they don’t have to delay again next month.”

3) How does your club help you in times like this?


“Our club can’t do much at the moment too. Like everyone else, we all need to wait and follow the instructions given to us, to secure that everyone stays healthy.”


“Our club is doing their best to support through an active group chat. Our PTs kept us updated with an exercise plan for us to stay fit.”


Photo By: Gilmar Fernandez

“The club’s really supportive with helping the players as much they can. They’re in contact with us daily making sure we’re doing the right thing and keeping active as much as possible, ready for the start next month.”

Our wait for an action-packed 2020 season might be extended but at least it’s good to know that the players are not slowing down and are on course to be fit for the upcoming season.

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