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We Heal As One: PH Football community unites against COVID-19

As the world faces a huge hurdle called the COVID-19 pandemic, this is the time that everyone unites to fight a common enemy and here in the Philippines, particularly the football community, everyone’s been doing their own part in this battle.

Due to the widespread of the COVID-19 virus, several events were either cancelled and postponed. This also affected the upcoming 2020 Philippines Football League and some AFF competitions.

With Philippine Football seeing a possible huge rise this year and for the years to come, this COVID-19 pandemic can be seen as a huge blow to the community but nothing’s bigger than the unity of those in it.

Starting off with the inaugural Copa Paulino Alcantara Champions Kaya FC-Iloilo. Through their website, they were able to collate several donation drives for procurement of personal protective equipment (PPE) for frontliners especially those who are battling COVID-19 first hand.


The former Copa Paulino Alcantara holders were also creative enough in reminding the people to stay at home as their players still found ways on how to keep themselves fit for the upcoming season.


Mendiola FC 1991 also joins the cause by reaching out to their fans for donations for the health workers battling this deadly virus. An effort which is truly appreciated by the frontliners themselves as well as the new supporters of the club.


The Philippines Football League also joins the party by keeping the fans inside the comforts of their own homes but still enjoy the beautiful game. Fans need to send in their juggling videos which will be collated by the league and make a chain of videos of fans juggling and passing to each other.


The Philippine Football Federation, in accordance with FIFA, reminds the fans as well of the steps to avoid COVID-19 through five easy steps.

And lastly, the ladies from the Philippine Women’s National Football Team provided us with some reminders on how to avoid this infectious virus so that we can enjoy the beautiful game against once the festivities resume.


In these trying times, cooperation from everyone is needed for us to be able to beat the threat of this virus. One day, for sure, once these are all done, we’ll see each other inside the stadiums having a good laugh and enjoying the beautiful once more.

For now, let’s stay at home, practice proper sanitization, maintain social distancing whenever we need to go out of the house buy some necessities and if you can, help our frontliners through your donations or even simple applause for the hard work they do can be much appreciated.

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