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Players and graphics artist cry foul over Global FC’s alleged inability to pay professional fees

There are times that you will be high up in the clouds but there will also be moments that you will hit the lowest of the low or rock-bottom.

This might be the ongoing case for a club that once had so much success in the Philippine’s Club Football scene as Global FC has been in peril for quite some time now in terms of their financial standings.

The three-time United Football League (UFL) winners and 2017 Philippines Football League (PFL) runners-up have seen a lot of changes in terms of management and their players over the last four years and things are really not looking well for them.

Just recently, Saya Jaruda of Sayagraphics has cried foul over the club’s inability to pay for the graphics he’s done for the club.

In a lengthy post, Sayagraphics mentioned that he started working on the club’s graphics that they publish on their Facebook and Instagram accounts since February.

As of posting time, Jaruda’s still waiting on Global FC’s reply about the status of his payment. Due to his outrage, he posted his sentiments through his Facebook page and got attention from current and even former players of the club.

One who spoke up was John Cofie who signed for the club back in January of this year. The former Manchester United youth academy player had high hopes of playing football here in the Philippines but was then halted because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, Cofie brought to our attention that to this day, he still hasn’t got paid for his signing fee and six months of his wages.

John Cofie signing the Global FC contract.

Disclaimer: The following pictures are from the player’s contract sent to him by Global FC’s management which the player has openly agreed to be included in this article. As of writing, we’re in the process of getting Global FC’s statement about the said allegations.

Player’s contract signed by a certain Tamiswa Mazinyi
Under the said contract, Cofie was supposed to receive his monthly salary from the time he started with the club, and to this date, he’s still waiting for a single payment.
It was also stated in the contract that he will get a signing bonus of approximately 190,000 pesos but Cofie said they still haven’t got it.

As much as he wanted to proceed with such harsh actions against the club, he still needs to go through several professional player’s associations before an official complaint can be lodged against Global FC.

“Yes, I am going to sue him,” said Cofie in a conversation through his social media account.

It can also be remembered that the issue about unpaid wages has been circulating for almost two years now since their former player Milan Nikolic ranted about it on his social media account.

Before the start of the 2019 season, the club tried to change the name to Global Makati FC or Makati United FC but due to licensing issues, they needed to revert it back to Global Cebu FC then eventually to the original Global FC for the upcoming season.

They called some writers back in 2019 to write about their new name and discuss several issues being thrown at them regarding the unpaid wages of their players.

In their statement, they said that they wouldn’t answer any question pertaining to it as they are already fixing it by setting several payment arrangements for the players but by the looks of it, the players are still waiting for answers.

At the beginning of this year, Mark Jarvis, the former owner of Global FC, has sold the club to its new owners Mazinyi Management with hopes of the new owners and management being able to revive the glory of the club.

“I’m in the process of handing it [Global FC] over to the new management. I’ve assisted them only with player registrations as they don’t know the procedure yet,” said Jarvis.

As of the moment, the PFL commissioner Coco Torre said that they are writing a letter to the club. “On our side, we need to make sure the club is healthy and are able to fulfill its obligations to its players and the league.”

Should Global FC fail to resolve its issues, they might have their license to be revoked by the league which might end their 20 years of existence in the Philippine club football scene.

This writer also tried to contact Global FC regarding their official statement about the said issue but as of posting time, we haven’t heard anything from them yet.

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