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Against the Clock: Global commits 10 days to settle Dues

Following the recent chain of events, the Philippines Football League Commissioner, Mikhail “Coco” Torre, made good with their commitment and met with Global FC last July 23, 2020 to address their financial troubles before being cleared to participate in the 2020 Philippines Football League brought to you by Qatar Airways.

It can be remembered that just last week, Global FC‘s financial woes came into the spotlight again when they were called out by a local graphics artist that led to an outpour of support from the local footballing community, and inspiring other victims to share, either anonymously or otherwise, similar experiences.

Good dayI want to call out Global FC and its management due to non-payment of my services.My name is Saya, I have my…

Posted by Sayagraphics on Sunday, 19 July 2020

This revelation shook the local football scene as it would have been the first time that a clear call for change was in play. In fact, the shock was strong enough to catch the attention of the PFL management leading to their meeting.

It was in this meeting that Global FC had made a renewed commitment to resolve all of their outstanding balances with players, staff and other entities as they continue to express their continued participation in the upcoming season.

In a tweet by Cedelf Tupas, a reliable source for things Filipino football, Global also gave themselves a deadline of resolving all concerns within 10 days. This means they have until the 2nd of August to ensure that all of their prior commitments are met.

Clamor for Revocation

It was clear that the mood of the footballing community was to deny Global the chance to play this season. Most think that this would give Global a lesson or two about keeping their end of the bargain.

But the PFL management wanted to show a neutral stance and find a solution that would benefit everyone.

The primary objective is to find workable solutions which will benefit both the players and the club so they can move forward and participate in the league.

The PFL management plans to meet again prior to the resumption of the league to review the embattled club’s case and hand a final decision down.

The wait is on

As of writing, Saya Jaruda of Sayagraphics has yet to receive any updates regarding Global’s obligations.

While there are still several days left before their self-imposed deadline, they have yet to reach out and provide any update or assurances that the above commitments would be met.

With the new season looming in, it is imperative for Philippine Football to move on and press forward. And putting this issue to rest would be the first step to do so for Global FC.

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