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It’s a rollercoaster: An abbreviated PFL season preview.

Let me preface this by saying that while I understand the reasoning, I personally disagree with the brevity of the upcoming 2020 PFL season. As a fan, it stings only getting five matches over a two-week span to determine the champions of the country. However, circumstances and reality are two things we cannot escape, and I’ve made peace with that. Hence, on to the abbreviated season preview, where we’ll take one point each of the six combatants have that they can ride to the championship.

ADT FC – Youthful Exuberance

The young Azkals shook up the 2019 Copa Alcantara in a good way qith their youthful energy translating into great results. If they can hannel that spirit and have a great start, they’ll be shaking up the order once again.


Being a mirror image of the young Azkals, league new-boys Maharlika Manila read like a fantasy draft pool of national team stalwarts from years past, supplanted with solid veterans across the pitch. They say there’s no substitute for the wisdom of the ages, and if they can tap into that from jump, there’s every opportunity for them to make an impact and challenge for the plum.

MENDIOLA FC – A Fighting Spirit

Mendiola are one of those clubs that you know you’re going to be in for a tense 90 minutes every time you face them. With a squad that work together and for each other, they can definitely channel the spirit that saw them hang with the big boys last season and make a run at it.


The second-best team in the country last season, they have got to be smarting after being beaten by erstwhile champions Ceres-Negros to both the League and the Cup. With a seeming vacuum in the top step, they have got to be able to channel the hunger for revenge into taking that final step into the top.


The erstwhile League and Cup holders return, with new owners and habing weathered the storms of the ownership situation and the pandemic with a fresh coat of paint and a new name, but the same pride in their abilities. Winning a 4th PFL title in a row has to be presumably the minimum for the Black & Gold, and they will surely be putting out 100% every match as a proud champion should.


It’s pretty simple for this one – the desire to return to the top has always been a driving force for Stallion Laguna. Channeling it the right way and hitting the pitch at full gallop will be the task now for a squad that has been inching ever closer over the last couple of seasons.

Being honest, it’s tough to issue sweeping previews and predictions for what is essentially a five-match sprint to the top. The only thing we as fan can hope is for a great flourish this year, and a fine and full return in 2021. That said, BRING ON THE FOOTBALL!

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