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Brighter things to come for Philippine Futsal

Fresh from the success that the Philippines Football League brought to you by Qatar Airways, the Philippine Football Federation builds on the momentum they got and re-aligns its focus in growing futsal.

In a virtual press conference conducted last November 23, 2020, PFF Futsal head Kevin Goco bared that the Philippines will be receiving a massive boost as legendary futsal coach Vic Hermans will be the country’s technical consultant in a bid to increase the popularity of the sport and to come up with a competitive national team in the future.

“I believe that this kind of sports can bring you medals back in the Philippines. There are no challenges. We are just starting from scratch,” said Hermans whose been in the country for numerous times already.

The decision to tap Hermans for his services was a no-brainer for the federation as he’s been part of the improvement of the sport here in the country by conducting coaching courses and inspiring young players.

“With Vic’s experience with so many countries, we didn’t have any doubt. Our coaches are thirsty for this kind of professionalism. They wanted to learn more. We could see with Vic around, futsal will go a long way as he’s respected by the players and the coaches,” said by PFF president Mariano “Nonong” Araneta.

The PFF has laid out a comprehensive plan in order to improve the country’s futsal program starting from the youth all the way to the seniors. “We have to go step by step. First, we have to go with the u-16 then the u-18. Maybe after that, we can go for the open category,” said Araneta.

Adding on to what the PFF president said, Goco also mentioned “There are plans for the under-18 competition. We hope that could be the springboard for the open competitions.”

As of the moment, futsal in the country is being considered as an amateur sport which is being played mostly of the younger players. It is also being considered as a training ground for players who are experiencing a lack of training facilities for football.

“Futsal is a very good and effective means to develop players in the country. One of the challenging things for public schools to be involved is the availability of the fields,” said by Mr. Danny Moran, a well-known figure whose been supporting futsal for many years now through the Henry V. Moran Foundation.

There are plans of including an open category for futsal competitions in the future which may also lead to the foundation of a professional futsal league in the country.

“The big mistake is to have a pro league then not be able to sustain it for the long-term. We have to do it slowly,” said Goco. Also, before coming up with a professional tournament for the sport, Moran said “We really want to increase the base. If you have a very wide selection to start of with, boys and girls, that are playing throughout the year, then the interest grows.”

He added, “The first is to get as many kids to play the game then increase the popularity of the sport.”

With all that being said, everyone’s getting very excited about what the future holds for Philippine Futsal, more importantly, the country’s technical consultant, Hermans, feels the same way.

“I cannot wait to start. Between three and five years, for sure, you will have your national teams. We need the real preperations. I have the support that I need.”

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