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Four reasons why you need to watch the Philam Life 7’s Football League

With the Philippine Premier League pushing its opening day to the 27th of April, fans got a prolonged wait to watch some local football action but if you want a quick fix to that itch, the Philam Life 7’s Football League offers us the experience we’re definitely missing.

As the third season of the 7’s football league nears its knockout stages, more and more games are getting more hype and excitement as everyone in the league pushes for a spot in the last eight. We now take a look at the five reason why you need to check out the happenings at the McKinley Hill Stadium.

Bright future in display

Aside from the Speed Regalo Youth Football League 2019, the Philam Life 7’s youth football league also offers an avenue for other clubs or academies to showcase the talents they have in their squads as well as an opportunity for exposure for the kids.

The games usually start as early as 2 pm for the kids while some games in the men’s division start simultaneously around 3 or 4pm. It displays a lovely atmosphere where the kids get to play while the men’s squad watch them and wait for their fixture.

The kids also get the chance to see their idols play in front of them and see how beautiful and intense the games are once they continue improving and go up the ranks in football. It is such a lovely atmosphere to be in where you see the present and the future of the beautiful game.

The ladies are also going at it

Not only does the men’s division brings excitement to the table, the women’s division also provides us the action everyone should be able to enjoy and be proud of. The 7’s football league has fully grown over the last three seasons and the inclusion of the women’s team in the said league proves to be a big move.

For years, the women’s football division have had a hard time taking some attention from the general footballing community as the viewers see the game less intense than those in the men’s division but in the 7’s, it really gives us an idea of how games could hit potential fever pitch.

Last Sunday, March 31, 2019, we get to watch the game between Nomads FC and Young Pinay FC went toe to toe. 20 minutes didn’t seem to be enough for these two teams as they pushed the match to sudden death. However, after 50 minutes, no winner still emerged and they had to battle it out on penalties. Finally, Nomads came out victorious after Young Pinay FC missed two penalty attempts while Nomads making sure that they will get the winning goal.

Men’s division reaching its Knockout Stages

With a couple more match days before the quarterfinals, the Philam Life 7’s Football League men’s division is starting to heat up as the race for eight spots to the next stages of the competition gets tighter. Ghana FC stayed undefeated after staying on top against Ceres-Youth F.C.

Other teams like Bohemians SC, Laro FC, the defending champions Super Eagles FC and Tondo FC would also like to be in the quarterfinals fixture. With the intensity of the 7s Football League reaching its fever pitch, you surely don’t want to miss the remaining games of the eliminations and the knockout stages.

Not only do the games start to get more and more intense, we also get to see how former Azkals Anton Del Rosario, Aly Borromeo and Jason de Jong go toe-to-toe for those quarterfinals spots as well as for the coveted trophy.

It’ll also be interesting as we get to see former UFL players like Hamed Hajimehdi and Takashi Odawara grace the field and provide us the action we’re definitely looking for.

The game for the people, by the people

The atmosphere inside the McKinley Hill Stadium during any 7’s Football League matchday can be compared to a day in the park. You’ll see families enjoying the beautiful game as they support their kids, family members or just went there to watch the game.

Thanks to the free admission that the league has provided to its fans, it keeps on bringing in flocks of supporters as well as those who are new to the sport and willing to learn the ins and outs of football.

Each matchday also provides a different atmosphere to the fans thanks to the intense matches in the Men’s division, the cute and humbling games in the U9’s, a bit competitive U13 and of course, the women’s division which shows that girls can do it too.

It also serves as a getaway for families wanting to experience something new without travelling far out of the metro. You’ll get to see kids from all ages with their parents having a good laugh and enjoying the festivities.

Lastly, you’ll never know you’re already sitting beside a celebrity. Stars like Camille Pratts, Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo have been gracing the field recently as they go all-out support for their kids who play in the said tournament.

With the ways things are working out for Anton Del Rosario and the Philam Life 7’s Football League, they are certainly the talk of the town in terms of a well-marketed league which also touches the taste of the Filipinos in terms of the action they are looking for.


Photo credits to: Philam Life 7’s Football League Facebook pageAnthon Pateña Santos

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