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#ThrowbackThursday: David Beckham finds his way back to the Philippines

He scored a screamer against the Azkals back in 2011, he helped the victims of super typhoon Yolanda as a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF in 2014, and now, for the third time around, David Beckham visits the Philippines for yet another meaningful day for the Filipinos.

What started out to be a prospering partnership between the 7’s Football League headed by former Azkals defender Anton Del Rosario and Philam Life was solidified even further when the latter held their #LiveBetter Expo last October 19, 2019.


The Philam Life 7’s Football League served as the jump-off point for the Manchester United legend as they have conducted a football clinic at around eight in the morning.

As the excitement built up inside the McKinley Hill Stadium, Del Rosario and his mates composed of current and former national team players Phil and James Younghusband, Misagh Bahadoran, Aly Borromeo and Roland Müller kicked off the clinic with some warm-ups.

They’re also joined by Daniel Matsunaga and Nico Bolzico, TV stars and also a lover of the sport. By the time people recognized that a van accompanied by police convoys are coming in, we knew this is the moment.

Beckham then came out of the van sporting a simple white Adidas shirt, jogger pants and stunning red kicks which made him look like 20 years old despite his tender age of 44.

We thought he’s just going to be there to give some inspiring words or just supervise the clinic but when he started moving around the pitch, at that moment, we saw the man who conquered almost the entire planet in terms of the beautiful game.

“It’s been amazing,” said Beckham about the welcome he received. “Someone said to me earlier you must be exhausted, you must be tired. Actually, it’s been an amazing day,” he added.

It’s as if the owner of Inter Miami FC didn’t break a sweat during the football clinic early in the morning, he showed up in the press conference looking dapper as ever sporting an alpha male suit.

“To be able to spend the morning with the kids, just seeing the smiles on their faces, it really energizes me,” said Beckham regarding the earlier football clinic.

His visit to the country might not be football-centric but he was still able to kick a ball around and spend some time with a lot of kids aspiring to achieve what he was able to do so.

Big thanks to Philam Life for having the #LiveBetter Expo which paved the way to bringing a living legend back to Manila. It will be an experience the kids and most certainly, this writer will never forget as David Beckham was the inspiration behind Tito in terms of playing and starting to love football. ‘Till next time Becks!

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