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Exciting times as the AIA Philam Life 7s Football League launches its Fifth Season

Proving to be the biggest edition of his league, AIA Philam Life 7s Football League founder Anton Del Rosario vows to offer more excitement and action for the upcoming season of his league.

The future of the league looks bright with Season Five kicking off simultaneously in McKinley Stadium, Muntinlupa, Clark, Bacolod and Davao on February 9, and the Iloilo leg on February 15.

With more teams joining the league, there are definitely more exciting things to watch out for as they continue to elevate the action on the field with the AIA Philam Life 7s Football League.

“I saw a huge gap in the football market in the Philippines and it has been my personal advocacy to bridge this and make the sport inclusive so more people will appreciate it,” said by Del Rosario during the press conference held at The Belle & Dragon Bar and Restaurant in Makati.

In a span of two years, he was able to grow the league from eight teams to a whopping 24 men’s team divided into two divisions, 10 women’s team and 48 youth teams, giving more focus to the growth of grassroots football in the country.

The AIA Philam Life 7s Football League is no stranger to promoting grassroots football as they’ve been recently awarded as the Best in Sports Youth Development Program by Asia’s Sports Industry Awards.

Anton said regarding his thoughts on how his league has been helping the development of the sport in the country, “Hopefully, what I’m doing sets up a good foundation here in the country.”

As he expanded the league, he’s already entering the second year of his partnership with Philam Life and with the help of AIA, Philam Life’s global partner, who also sponsors the Tottenham Hotspurs who play in the Premier League, more and more things are just coming for the 7s.

“Football should be an all-inclusive sport and we’re happy that the league we’ve been supporting since last year has opened its arms wider to welcome more people to play the sport,” said by Kelvin Ang, AIA Philam Life Chief Executive Officer.

The league achieved huge milestones last year with the partnership with AIA Philam Life, the conclusion of the Philam Vitality Kampeon 7s Cup, its successful all-star football tournament, the growth of the league that ended the year with 66 participating teams. and the participation of AIA global ambassador David Beckham at the 7s Youth Football Clinic.

They will be hoping for more things to come this year and would truly welcome a possibility of seeing some players of Tottenham Hotspurs, AIA’s partner in the English Premier League.

Another welcome development for Anton and the AIA Philam Life 7s Football League is the announcement of their partnership with 1 Play Sports, a broadcast media company focused on connecting communities through the coverage of grassroots sports all the way up to international level.

They have a foothold in Singapore and India and they want to follow up their success with the SEA Games by growing the sports scene in the Philippines.

“Having seen the passion of Anton Del Rosario in developing the local football scene with the 7s Football League, it tied in perfectly with our mission of connecting communities through sport,” said by Anthony Raj, 1 Play Sport’s Chief Operating Officer.

Not only do they have partnered with the 7s Football League, but they are also venturing out on other projects in the long run here in the country.

Anthony said, “This is just the beginning of our expansion into the Philippines and we’re working on other properties which we’ll announce in due course.”

All things are going into plan for Anton and the AIA Philam Life 7s Football League and that the only thing we’re waiting for is the big kick-off on February 9, 2020 at the McKinley Hill Stadium.

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