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Monte Manila FC gives Super Eagles a shocking welcome to season 5

They vowed for a better outing this season and what better way to do it was to upset the defending champions Super Eagles FC in their opening match of the AIA Philam Life 7’s Football League Season 5.

Coming in with a reinforced squad, the team led by the Azkals and Ceres-Negros FC team captain Stephan Schröck fought hard to earn their first win of the season and get themselves on the right track for this long and gruelling season.

Monte Manila FC strung a couple of great possession during the first five minutes of the match however, Super Eagles got the go-ahead goal in the 7th minute.

Lemuel Unabia tried to level the score in the 13th minute but his strike sent the crossbar rattling. The defending champions doubled their lead in the 17th minute and gave them a commanding lead.

Not wanting to give up, Monte Manila knew they had a mountain to climb in the second half and they made sure they have the win in the bag. In the 31st minute of the match, Ian Perez gave Monte a bit of hope to make it back into the match through a scintillating strike on goal.

Then a minute after, the Alpha Male, Schröcky went on a blistering run before firing one home to level the match.

From then on, it was all desperation mode for both teams as winning the first game of the season really gets you going through the rest of the tournament.

In an unfortunate manner, Super Eagles FC conceded a late own goal through a scramble inside the box. This gave Monte Manila the feeling of they can make it through the remaining minutes of the match.

They held on after multiple attacks from the Super Eagles and when the final whistle has been blown, they emerged victorious and jubilant as they kicked off their season on a high note.

“We want to play good and enjoy football. We have some new additions to the team and let’s see how we go through the season,” said team captain Schröck.

In addition, he said, “I only played a couple of minutes to let the other players, to help and promote them and good thing we got the win.”

A dream start for Monte Manila but they now have to be wary as everyone in the competition will see the as possible contenders this time around.

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