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A new chapter unfolds for The Alpha Male

Stephan Schröck’s pursuit of greatness does not end on the pitch but the Silverback Gorilla wants to continue that off the pitch as he embark on a new journey with United City FC.

The most awaited news for the newly-formed United City FC who took over the license of the Ceres-Negros FC came last July 28, 2020, where they got the commitment of the club’s team captain Stephan Schröck for the upcoming season.

“Having Stephan commit to stay at the new Club means a lot not just to the organization but also to the fans. He is the captain and the leader of the team and that is what is needed especially since we are trying to establish our new identity on and off the field. It would have been a big loss for Philippines football if the captain would leave the PFL to compete elsewhere. His commitment to the local league shows his seriousness of trying to make a difference but also his trust in our vision for the Club”, states Eric Gottschalk, Co-founder of UCFC.

Convincing the Alpha Male to stay with his former club that has been restructured took weeks and many promises were made in terms of making sure that the club will help Schröck in his quest for continuous glory not only for himself but also for the club and country.

More importantly, this new stint will start preparing the Alpha Male to another desire of his, which is to help shape up the future of Philippine Football as he plans to become a coach when everything has been said and done.

“I’m eager and to learn the other side of the game. I Studied sports and football management, and business education. Managing a team is one thing but coaching is another. These times are exciting for me,” said Schröck.

He also added, “My mindest is feeling like the champion already, but every single day I approach the training like a rookie. That will help me also in my new Double role.”

The continuous quest for success was just one thing Schröcky has in his mind and with his new role for United, it will bring greatness to a whole new concept and definition.

“There is no pressure for me. Leading and taking responsibility is part of my personality. I enjoy it and appreciate it.”

A mindset of a true champion, the heart of a real leader, and the passion of a true lover of the sport.

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